Affiliate Marketing for Interior Designers: How to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing to Diversify Your Revenue Streams

affiliate marketing for interior designers

As an interior designer, you likely have your hands full with creating beautiful spaces for clients, but have you ever considered adding an affiliate marketing component to your business? Affiliate marketing is a great way to diversify your revenue streams and create passive income while sharing the products and services you already love and use with others. In this blog post, we’ll talk about affiliate marketing for interior designers, how to get started with affiliate marketing as an interior designer, and some tips for making it successful.

Get Started & Choose Companies You Love and Believe In

One of the key elements of a successful affiliate marketing strategy is choosing companies with products or services that you love and believe in. As an interior designer, you likely have a favorite paint brand, furniture store, or home decor retailer. Reach out to these companies and see if they have an affiliate program. If they do, sign up and start sharing your unique affiliate link with your clients and followers.

In addition, apply for an affiliate program like LTK so you have access to affiliate links for a wide variety of retailers. The requirements to get accepts to LTK are a bit more stringent (over 1,000 followers, consistent feed, etc.) but if you have a large following on Instagram you have a good shot at getting accepted.

Create Content Around Your Favorite Products

Once you’ve chosen the companies you want to work with and affiliate marketing platform you want to be on, start strategizing and preparing content. Plan out blog posts and create templates in Canva for sharing products on Instagram, Pinterest, and LTK. Having templates will save you time and help you incorporate affiliate marketing more easily. On your website, add in a shop page that has your favorite items linked with affiliate links. Consider going through old blog posts and seeing where you can add in some affiliate links if you shared any links to products.

By showcasing your favorite products with affiliate links on your website, blog and other platforms, you’ll not only be able to earn commission on sales, but you may also be able to attract new clients who love your style and want to work with you.

Share Your Affiliate Links Strategically

When sharing your affiliate links, it’s important to be strategic. Instead of just throwing your links out there, try to incorporate them into your content in a way that feels organic and helpful to your audience. For example, if you have a blog post in the queue about how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, curate your favorite bedroom furniture, bedding, and accessories for bedroom. Share these items with affiliate links in your blog posts and create a collage of images to share to LTK, Instagram, and Pinterest. On LTK, styled images perform better than product collages so try adding in a professional shot of your bedroom or one that you designed and link similar retail products.

Build Relationships with Your Audience

Building relationships with your audience is crucial when it comes to affiliate marketing. Building trust and loyalty with your followers will not only lead to more affiliate sales, but it will also lead to more client referrals. Be sure to respond to comments on your blog posts or social media accounts, engage with your followers, and create content that resonates with them. If you are sharing affiliate links on your Instragram stories, take the time to get on camera and talk about what you are sharing.

A newsletter is a great way to have a direct connection with your audience and affiliate links in newsletters have higher conversion rates. Try adding affiliate links to your newsletter by sharing your favorite finds each week or month. You can also do a weekly or biweekly shopping series where you curate items based on a certain theme such as “my favorite coffee table styling items” or “throw pillows that you are adding to your cart”. My favorite way to create newsletters is using Flodesk – use this link for 50% off your first year!

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with your affiliate marketing strategy. Try new companies or products, create different types of content, and track your results to see what works best for you and your audience.

Reviewing your analytics each week or month will help you understand what your audience is shopping for so you can plan your content with that in mind.

With some experimentation, you will find that affiliate marketing can be a great addition to your interior design business to diversify your revenue streams.

Affiliate marketing for interior designers is a great way to earn passive income while sharing favorite products with clients and followers. By choosing companies and products you love and believe in, creating content around your favorite products, sharing your affiliate links strategically, building relationships with your audience, and experimenting with your content strategy, you can create a successful affiliate marketing program that adds value to your interior design business.

If you are ready to incorporate affiliate marketing into your interior design business, I would love to connect with you to strategize. At Cornerstone Collective, I help interior designers and content creators diversify their social media platforms and revenue streams. Head to my contact form and I will be in touch to schedule a complimentary call. Reference this blog post in the notes and I will give you a special rate for LTK management services!

affiliate marketing for interior designers

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